Metal Meltdown

22 Mar 2013 Juffair, BH


Venue : Rocky's Cafe

Tired of dealing with idiots? Tired of spending your weekends at the same boring places? Well you need to get your ass to a metal gig! How about four bands bringing you some of the heaviest tunes in the region to keep you on your toes through the whole night? Still interested?

Come down to Rocky’s Cafe on the 22nd of March to get your recommended dose of pure heaviness in your face, can’t get a sweeter deal than that.
Bud music live brings you the first metal event of the year 2013. With a lineup of 4 heavy metal bands, headlined by Dubai’s well known death metal act “Perversion”.

Bands performing:
Perversion (Dubai)
Smouldering in Forgotten (Bahrain)
Motor Militia (Bahrain)
Rain In Hell (Bahrain)